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Cynthia Evans, Scenographer - Costume, Set & Lighting design

Exerpts below, please click on links (where available) to read full reviews.



 And I And

As Barker through the means of Crazyface puts it, “The right wind can take you anywhere-anywhere you want.”  (L. Harber,, August 20, 2014)

“'Intimate Apparel' is that rare, extraordinary play where everything is right. The story, the words, the acting, the lighting, the set, and the direction are all beautiful. It demands to be seen." (John Phythyon, Centerstage,, April 5, 2013)

"There are dozens of costumes, and they are well executed by Cynthia Evans." (Thomas C. Hardy, LJW April 23, 2012)

Lucky Stiff

"The set design is innovative - It's a fun evening's entertainment!" (Dimmitt, KC Stage, June 8, 2009)

"The set for this show (is) simple but perfect." (Jeff Mace, Play It Again, Rocky!, August, 2002)


"The space comes equipped with a faux procscenium and a raked platform, done up in the ubiquitous "Rocky" lips and tongue in appropriate whorehouse red." (Shadowlurker, KC Stage, Aug 20, 2002)


Rocky   Live!
My Fair           Lady

“The set itself helps communicate there is no escape for these two unfortunates. They are in prison, and they will never get out." (John Phythyon, Centerstage,, October 28, 2013)

"The set is gorgeous. Large towers covered in giant, velvet draperies stand in for the trees in the woods" (John Phythyon, Centerstage,, November 14, 2012)

"I have never seen a community theatre set like this. It rivals some sets I have seen on Broadway. Realistic trees and multilevel - WOW." (LAdirector, KC Stage, July 23, 2009)

Hello, Dolly!

"...gorgeous costumes, particularly the period hats and evening gowns, designed by Cynthia Evans." (Jan Biles, LJW, June 10, 2001)

"The costumes are simply fantastic." (Mitchell J. Near, LJW, April 17, 1999)


"Cynthia [Evans] did a masterful job with costumes. So good, in fact, that one forgot the actors were in costume." (Morey Sullivan, Capitol Journal, September 24, 1998)

"The cast has numerous costume changes, and Cynthia Evans has pulled together some of the most gorgeous costumes to ever grace the LCT stage.." (Jan Biles, Lawrence Journal World, September 26, 1998)

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